14. May 2019

Femininity as a statement: the ANA ALCAZAR collection captivated its audience through precise tailoring, strong colors and attention to detail. Certain shapes and forms are borrowed again and again from major fashion eras. This fusion is what makes the brand stand out. To constantly reinvent, to embody the zeitgeist and remain unconditionally faithful to their objective – that’s the designer’s recipe for success. “We put our heart into our work”, reveals Beate Ilzhöfer. “To think solely of profits kills the instinct”. The city collections play effortlessly with fabrics and materials. Opulent prints, strong colors and innovative textile combinations make pieces wearable for both business meetings and a long night of partying. Particularly luxurious fabrics are contrasted with sequins, chains or fur. Simple elegance, sophisticated chic, millefleurs or retro – anything goes, as long as the designers agree. However, certain principles are always in place. The way the material falls, how it feels – the quality has to be just right. The collections go against the mainstream; they’re very extravagant – but always wearable.