14. May 2019

A path is generally defined as a route or course along which something moves. Regardless of which direction is chosen the route taken eventually creates a path. In this doubtful time in fashion Creenstone does not take a right nor left but with confidence continues to go straight ahead. Strongly believing in the DNA of feminine and practical elegance she chooses no path better than her own.
Lately it feels as if all seasons are merging into each other and the unpredictable weather conditions are creating a hybrid climate. Nothing is as it used to be. Creenstone, as stubborn as ever, responds to the great challenge with 3 F’s: feminine fashionable function.
The product in the new collection is light in weight and crisp yet soft. It creates function for the modern, strong woman with a fashionable twist. Comfort is crucial! The silhouettes are flattering and surprising, yet easy to understand and practical. Detailing, being a strong part of the DNA, is bold and unique. Among others framing and taping derive from functional performance gear. Fabrication is the key in response to the unusual and ever changing climate. Light, crisp, soft, textured, durable, functional, coated, laminated, natural, synthetic, prints and stripes; just to give an idea of the vast selection. Color in the collection makes a strong statement. It plays an important role in solid tones, blocked with others and in contrasting details.
The new Creenstone spring/ summer ’19 collection celebrates strength and individuality. It was made with love.