14. May 2019

Deeluxe Est.74 is a family enterprise established in 2004 by 2 brothers from Marseilles, Jean-Michel and Laurent Sanchez. The name Deeluxe Est. 74 is inspired by their many trips to the United States.
We are a growing structure that offers a trendy and accessible fashion, combining a «vintage spirit» with a contemporary style, striving to offer a high quality product, with a midrange-positioning price.
Deeluxe Est.74 has created its own identity based mainly on « hip » denim.
On top of the jeans range, we have developed wide thematic collections based mainly on urban and contemporary fashion such as « chic fashion » and urban culture.
The brand is already well established in French distribution network through 700 sale points all over France in multi-brand stores. The brand is also present abroad, in countries like Spain, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and also Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.