4. Jan 2018

EP – Urban Sportswear Collection from Icepeak for fashion retailers

EP is an urban sportswear collection from Icepeak for fashion retailers. The offering shows the true Icepeak elements: unbeatable price, quality, trendy look and profitability providing the base for a new success story from L-Fashion Group.
EP is a mixture of modern designs, sporty trendy look and the free spirit that is typical for everything arising from the Icepeak team. EP sportswear collection is casual sportswear but spiced with a pinch of the unique Nordic nature and the Finnish simplicity. Some call it casualwear, we call it free and easy sportswear for everyday and everybody.

EP collection merges an urban active lifestyle with outdoor-inspired elements. The youthful and street-minded collection is spiced by a sporty touch. Nordic symbols are seen in in patterns and prints. Protective and stylish details are many, including different hoods, protective back hems, taped seams, higher collars, adjustable waists and new personal structured surfaces. Casual functionality, trendy look and comfort are the key words of the collection. Neutral tones create an authentic and modern style.

Modern, authentic and practical!