14. May 2019

Two sisters and two strong, feminine personalities. They started the tale of Femi Stories 11 years ago. The seeds of the business were planted over coffee, and on the beach and now the brand is an international lifestyle brand for girls and women that live life passionately.
Femi Stories is about passion for sports – from snowboarding and surfing to yoga and running. The founders of the brand want to pass on this power and passion to other girls. This passion comes from the heart and is unstoppable.
Femi Stories is about colourful prints, with themes that speak to our connection to nature. Each collection features signature prints, which underlines its unique character. The highest quality materials, produced with the environment in mind, keep up with the needs of Femi girls, giving them freedom of movement and spontaneity.
Femi Stories is an authentic story and is exactly how the founders live. It is about travel, healthy food, respect for body and mind and girliness that isn’t afraid of the extreme.
Femi Stories is about you.