14. May 2019

FOX’S fashion is a small but thriving independent company and manufacturer founded in Germany in 1986. With our own instantly recognizable label, FOX’S delivers excellent quality with German sizes ranging from 34 – 46.

In the pivotal position and responsible for the linear, directly proportioned, but also extravagant design, is the acclaimed European fashion designer – SIMONE BREHM.

The often tricky balance of fashionable colours, prints and patterns combined together with well-cut, but nevertheless comfortable “threads” has been a hallmark amongst our most prized and satisfied customers for over 25 years. FOX’S aim is and has always been, to cater to the individual woman of today, always on the lookout for something original, stylish and different!

High profile, quality material, soft to the touch, with clearly defined feminine contours and an eye to fine detail. A far cry from the “so-called” conventional mainstream that is so prevailent in today’s fashion world. This is what FOX’S fashion strives with success, to be!