14. May 2019

We are a commercial creative house of contemporary fashion. Founded in 1999, we have developed the knowledge and organisation to deliver high quality and profitable collections to our clients and fans
throughout the world.

We believe – and have proven – that creativity and skilled craftmanship can connect and deliver succes in an ever-changing market.

Our collections are creative, brave and feminine, and our handmade print designs deliver the personal touch that make our collections unique and outstanding.

We understand that there can be no creativity without solid commercial insight and involvement of our clients in the progress and development of our brand. Expect nothing but the best and a strong will to meet your needs and challenges, when you work with us. We have been here for a long time,
and we intend to build on our success in close partnership with you.

That´s the fine art of being ICHI.

The idea behind the collections is to create a sophisticated and international design. Our collections are created by a modern and energetic design team, in close cooperation with sales, which gives the products a commercial look.

Our collections always have a range of styles with a funky vibe mixed with raw femininity. Easy to wear and easy to love is the best way to describe the look and feel of ICHI.

By creating stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable designs,
we make sure that the ICHI girl is always one step ahead.
Every collection is designed with a theme, which is a reflection of our time
and the influences we see. We create poetic clothes with beautiful prints and
focus on the details.

The colour palette is carefully selected each season, offering six annual collections divided into monthly colour coordinated palette collections. The colour shades in the collections are classic and neutral, brought to life with carefully selected highlight colours each season, as well as more delicate
hand-drawn prints.

Arty but mainstream