5. Jun 2019

Adrenaline, innovation and continuously pushing the limits in a fight with natural elements are as much part of sailing as tradition, aesthetics and pure enjoyment. Extremes attract – sailing and sailing clothing attract. Marinepool will once again stand out at the leading fashion show “PANORAMA” Berlin 2018 presenting its new collections ranging from maritime lifestyle, fashionable and functional accessories to intelligent functional garments!

For the Munich based label Marinepool, sailing is more than just a logo added to a jacket to follow the contemporary trend of the so-called "Premium Casual Style". As the result of more than 27 years of experience and expertise in the area of high-functional sailing clothing, Marinepool Lifestyle Collections are the authentically equivalent to the technical clothing.

Marinepool embodies sailing in every single detail: elaborately embroidered letterings and logos tell the story of active long- term partnerships and Marinepool s? rich history in sailing. Indeed, the incredible attention to detail in the design of the garments would not be possible without a great passion and deep understanding for the sport. Authenticity and history come first — as always true for originals.

Experience Marinepool as part of the sailing heritage, starting from the traditional Re?gates Royales classic event right through to the present with the GC32 Racing Tour. Experience true sailing in its unique style, sailing lifestyle at its best.