14. May 2019

Jeans and free time oversize fashion from Italy – Maxfort is a young brand, registered in 1999 in the whole world, but has a background of 60 years long experience of Bernagozzi family in production and trading of textiles and clothing. This brand is dedicated to oversize menswear for a young and casual target. The idea grew up by the observation that big size clothes were very classic or even looked oldish or of low quality. Maxfort brought a style revolution which changed in a few years in a few years the Italian oversize market. New fashionable colours, shapes and materials characterize this casual and easy-to-wear total look which includes not only trousers, jeans, shirts, knitwear, jackets and coats, but also beachwear, underwear, belts. A special care is given to tissue quality and treatment, which makes of each Maxfort garment an unique piece. The fit is carefully studied for each model so that Maxfort looks well even on a 10 XL size. Italian style and quality at reasonable prices makes of Maxfort one of the European leading brand for oversize.