14. May 2019

The NEW ITALIA SHOES S.r.l. was born in 1986 like an artisan company specialised in the production of footwear for snow, against cold and for the free time.
At the beginning the production was export-oriented, especially to the German market, obtaining excellent results and appreciations among the most important customers.
During the years the company grown up improving the quality of its products.
The choice of the materials and of the working processes, together with a perfect harmony between the utilisation of the new technologies and the respect of the traditional manufacturing methods, permits to the NEW ITALIA SHOES S.r.l. to offer functional and comfortable products, characterised by a constant elevated quality.
Each model, from the design to the carrying out, is treated in every detail, to cater for the new requirements of comfort, fashion, technical specifications and to meet the market high-quality demands.