8. May 2018

Born in 1997 in the Hessian town of Wiesbaden and raised in the skate scene of the late nineties, ragwear has grown up with its customers. Today, the label stands for everyday and high quality streetwear at consumer-friendly prices, and the brand—or, better yet, anti-brand—name is widely known. It’s no wonder, seeing as it has, after all, been helping to shape German streetwear history since the beginning.

Over 20 years of streetwear experience have not made ragwear older, but wiser. For the past several seasons, the label has been stepping up its social responsibility with the addition of special collections. In the winter of 2015, the animal rights organisation PETA awarded the „approved vegan“ certificate to the ragwear collection; a season later, ragwear launched its first organic

In future, plans are to continue tackling the challenge of bringing affordable,
cutting-edge and responsible streetwear all under one roof – and always in accordance with the brand’s slogan: “Because all we make are bits of cloth – it‘s what you do in them that counts.”