11. Jan 2018

J.Ploenes-Ties display, in all collections, a standard of highest quality of materials and workmanship.
What especially counts for us are the distinctive designs, ranging from classic patterns to young and trendy themes and, of course, all samples of our collection being modern. The modern and high-quality assets of nearly 70 years of experience finds its succession in “J.PLOENES”. The wide-ranged collection which is released four times a year, offers woven as well as printed patterns in silk or polyester at adequate pricing. Especially for each trade fair in February an August we present the public a fashion collection which seizes the suggestions of current trends and themes.

Slim Fits – narrow ties are very in vogue and gaining in popularity. Young trend setters are starting to wear ties again, but they have to be narrow. REAL GUYS by J.Ploenes are 6 cm in width, which makes them perfect for the shirt providers’ hot-selling slim-fitting collections. The majority of ties are in dark colours, with classic plain designs in silk or wool, with diagonal skull motifs and snake looks or with classic herringbone patterns and checks. All in all you find a uniquely comprehensive range of narrow ties for real guys!