14. May 2019

SHARE YOUR JOY. Happiness is contagious.

Welcome to Sandwich – the Dutch casual contemporary fashion brand with personality.

Ever since 1981, Sandwich has been presenting collections with great attention to details and a very recognizable signature.
With real women in mind, the clothes are designed to be perfect for any moment of the day.

Clothes that make you feel and look good. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing. Each collection is a finely balanced composition of styles, colors, in-house designed prints, materials and silhouettes.
From jacket to dress, and from blouse to trousers: all items can be matched up with each other, throughout the seasons.

At Sandwich we believe that the right clothing can give a woman confidence and will make her shine.
Every season the design department designs the best casual fashion with a modern approach, in which comfort meets femininity.

A Sandwich outfit is only complete when it puts a smile on your face. Because if you feel great, you will radiate this to the world. Wherever you are and whatever you do. Happy faces are contagious.

Share your joy for a memorable season.