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PANORAMA BERLIN presents fashion for everyone – coupled with business concepts, ideas, and all kinds of things to inspire the retail trade. With exhibitors from over 90 countries, the largest fashion show in Berlin offers more than just a huge selection of apparel for women and men during Berlin Fashion Week. As the name implies, PANORAMA BERLIN presents a panorama of casual and streetwear collections, accessories, shoes and lifestyle products – as well as plus size and green fashion segments. Forward-thinking collaborations with Selvedge Run, a trade show for crafted goods, and Xoom, a platform for sustainable fashion, ultimately broaden fashion’s horizons, making PANORAMA BERLIN’s portfolio even more attractive. Industry leaders and small designer brands are the DNA driving this successful trade show.

Since July 2017 the complementary format „Fashion Tech Solutions“ shines a spotlight on one of the most crucial topics of the industry: Retail. The event focuses on smart solutions for the digitization of the various types of business processes within the fashion industry. In talks, panel discussions and brand showcases, experts will discuss how digital processes can be implemented smart and efficiently.

We shape our identity to shape yours.

We launched PANORAMA BERLIN ten seasons ago with the following goal: to always be a fashion spot that’s relevant, that showcases strong sellers, and – most important – that inspires. A lot has happened since then. We have grown. As the number of competitors increases, it is all the more important that we earn the trust of our exhibitors and audience. In a rapidly changing market, our message is clear: We shape identities.

With our own well-defined profile, we define that of our customers. As such, our new hall concept seeks to create more areas of contact between exhibitors and visitors – by installing community points that promote dialogue and exchange. We create and make use of market potential by installing lifestyle areas to boost networking and collaboration within the industry. We provide inspiration so retailers can pass it on to customers. We stand for brand and product diversity in every segment.

Panorama CEO Jörg Wichmann comments: “With inspiration, an emotional approach, and plenty of information, we clearly take into account our customers’ more refined demands and are working to usher in the next chapter of PANORAMA BERLIN.”

Welcome to our community! Welcome to PANORAMA BERLIN.



PANORAMA BERLIN is a success story. It began in 2012 when Jörg Wichmann and his team founded PANORAMA BERLIN Fashion GmbH. The initial idea was to create something that would benefit buyers and meet their needs: They were tired of going from showroom to showroom. They wanted a trade fair that offered a large selection of brands which were relevant to the market. Trade fairs already existed for high fashion and various market segments such as denim. Jörg Wichmann’s goal was and still is to create a fashion trade fair for brands that are important for the market. He definitely succeeded.