1. Jul 2019

All you need

From Tuesday to Thursday, from the airport to the fair and from A for Access Fashion to Z for Zoo York – you will find all the information you need to know about PANORAMA Berlin here.

All you needAll you needAll you needAll you need


 Any questions about the fair? Our team will be happy to help you. You can recognize the team by the cool batik shirts designed and sponsored by Colours & Sons!

All you need


All you need

The most wanted bag of the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2019 is our goodie bag! Why? Because it’s beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. We filled the bag designed by Alife and Kickin with gorgeous gadgets by Pukka Tea, 28 BLACK, Be Kind, Wondercandle, P&T Paper & Tea and Mission More Popcorn created by foodist. Starting tomorrow, all visitors and exhibitors will have the chance to get a goodie bag.

But first we show you exclusively, what is inside our goodie bag.


All you need

Had a busy day? Then it’s time for a Pukka tea. Inspired by Ayurveda, Pukka Tea develops unique teas made from the best quality organic herbs. These are rich in natural oils and are carefully sourced from over 50 countries worldwide. The final result is a Pukka herbal blend that not only has a wonderful taste, but also all the goodness of the plants.


All you need

From the fair to the fashion show and on to the after-show party. Who can’t use an extra portion of energy on long, exhausting days at the trade fair? Our tip: 28 BLACK. Whether sour and tingling like 28 BLACK Sour Mango-Kiwi or refreshing green like 28 BLACK Baobab – all varieties of 28 BLACK fit the vegan lifestyle, do without taurine or preservatives and are lactose- as well as gluten-free.


All you need

Whether for breakfast, to take away or as a snack in between – Be Kind’s bars are always a good choice. From slightly salty and honey-sweet to tangy and chocolaty – you’re sure to get a taste for it! And the best thing is that the sustainable and fair produced bars are real power boosters and give you the necessary energy even on long trade fair days.


All you need

There is always an occasion to celebrate – and not only during the fair! With Wondercandle you give every event that special extra. Whether at the New Year’s Eve party, the special birthday or the engagement party. The sparklers always show a certain love for detail. And you do something good with every purchase at Wondercandle, because the products are manufactured in cooperation with the sheltered workshops of Lebenshilfe e.V. in Germany.


All you need

‘Life is short, drink more tea’ is the motto of P& Paper & Tea. And the principle of the label is as simple as it is ingenious: P&T Paper & Tea exclusively offers 100 percent natural, pure whole leaf teas directly sourced from small tea farms worldwide. The label believes that real tea, as it has been produced and appreciated in its countries of origin for thousands of years, is a truly inspiring product.


All you need

Wo sich die meisten noch über die Entscheidungsfrage nach süßem oder salzigem Popcorn streiten, entwickelt Mission More Popcorn created by foodist einfach ganz neue Sorten. Von Rosmarin Tomate bis hin zu salzig und süß sind sämtliche außergewöhnliche Geschmackssorten dabei. Daher ist dieses Popcorn das reinste Snack-Vergnügen in Bio-Qualität aus hochwertigem „Butterfly“-Mais und edlem BIO-Kokosöl.