27. Jun 2019

Hall 3




We appeal: Si, pronto! because our Hall 3 brands are individual, contemporary and at the same time the solution to many retail problems.

Today’s informed, modern female customer always looks for the latest trends. Once the new favourite has been discovered, she wants to have it – preferably right away. For this reason, beside our trend-setting womenswear brands, some Pronto Moda brands will also take place in Hall 3.

The large Italian company Centergross is ahead of the game in this segment, because in the so-called Bologna Trade City there are over 240 fashion brands and 98 textile and accessory manufacturers, all of which produce quickly and sell exorbitantly.

We explain why trendy womenswear labels inspire those mainstream end consumers so much and why high-quality productions also play a particularly important role here.


Hall 3

Centergross has understood that purchasing with the help of Pronto Moda provides more flexibility in assortment design, fresh product images as well as the customer’s desire to buy. With this dynamic concept, Bologna Trade City covers a wide range of fast-fashion products. Be it the unconventional and individual menswear by Takeshy Kurosawa or the feminine womenswear by Kontatto, which literally makes you feel Bella Italia. Be it the colourful and trendy women’s and menswear by Berna or the stylish menswear by Maxfort for large sizes. Centergross serves everything from young, contemporary fashion to functional goods and exceptional styles. With its wide range of immediate fashion products, the Italian company brings all trends directly from Bologna to Berlin.


Hall 3

Blue Shadow is a womenswear label for women who are both romanticists and rebels. The brand creates unique collections in boho style with handmade designs and extraordinary materials. The production of their goods is just as important to Blue Shadow as the satisfaction of their customers. For this reason, the Polish label also has its outfits sewn nationally and produced in accordance with the fair trade policy. The aim of the brand is to put a smile on the lips of all women using their styles.


Hall 3

From the street style catwalk into the wardrobe – the fast fashion label Mango makes this possible. Because the Spanish fashion company is a professional when it comes to trend scouting. And therefore offers the latest trends to both a fashion-conscious target group and the broad mainstream.


Hall 3

The Petrol Industries journey resembles a road trip. And this year, the womenswear collection will stop at PANORAMA Berlin for the first time. We are looking forward to the Dutch brand, whose constant rethinking, based on the enthusiasm for urban activities, repeatedly creates innovative collections. And these are not only implemented in close cycles, but are also consistently aimed at a specific goal: a meaningful collection for real power women.


Hall 3

Inspired by the influencers’ looks, Na-kd develops his own trends, which in turn are brought out into the world and serve as inspiration. Through this dynamic concept, the Swedish fashion brand became one of the leading brands in the fast fashion sector within a few years.


Hall 3

Kenny S. is back at the trade fair and is presenting itself in a new way with a strong, partnership-based offer. The womenswear label features the ‘Point of heart’ with colourful styles as well as an easy and comfortable look for self-determined women. Designed in Germany and produced with great attention to details, Kenny S. develops monthly changing colour concepts. And this results in statement collections for modern women who enjoy their lives consciously and completely.


Hall 3

As pioneers in the fast fashion industry, Please’s founders early recognized the need for a stylish and casual womenswear line. And so the denim specialists took the best of both worlds and combined a high-quality product ‘made in Italy’ with the demands of the latest trends. With denim production as its core competence, the Italian label turned its embroidered-heart jeans into a true icon that is continually reinterpreted. This made the small heart sewn onto the back pocket a symbol of Please’s passion, creativity and ongoing trend research.