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9. May 2019





Food for thought aplenty!

This July we’ll once again be inviting you to take a seat and listen intently to our line-up of compelling speakers! In fascinating talks, they will be providing you with answers and inspiration to the big questions facing offline fashion retail, such as digitalisation, content marketing and emotionalisation.





High Performance Business Coach I Neuromerchandising Group I Frankfurt

brain food

The biology of loyalty

Retail is always the meeting of people and NOT the offering of goods


Bert M. Ohnemüller has more than three decades of experience in marketing and sales. In his lively talks, Ohnemüller tells audiences what experience, brain research and evolution biology have taught him about dealing with people and about himself. He wants to pass on his successes in life and sees himself as a bridge-builder between business and humanity.


Pierre Nierhaus Consulting GmbH I Dreieich

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Food, beverage & hospitality

International gastro, hotel and retail trends and concepts


Get strategically fit for the future with Pierre Nierhaus! His knowledge of trends and innovations along with his entrepreneurial experience and unique overview of the international hotel and gastronomy sectors have made him THE expert when it comes to food, beverage and hospitality trends.



Professor of International Fashion Management I Reutlingen University

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Fashion Management Re-Fit


Internationally renowned fashion management and marketing expert Prof. Dr Jochen Strähle currently teaches at Reutlingen University as a Professor of International Fashion Management. He is considered one of the key influencers on fashion retailing in Germany and abroad. Prior to joining Reutlingen University, he was CEO of the biggest fashion online retailer in Central Eastern Europe. Jochen Strähler can look back on many years of expertise and several executive roles in the fashion industry in Germany, Austria and Slovakia.



Managing Partner & Co-Founder I kreait GmbH I Berlin

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A need for innovation in times of exponential change


Maks Giordano is a digital strategist and creative with 25 years of professional experience in the digital sector. He advises companies like Lufthansa, Daimler and UEFA on their digital transformation and held various executive positions before co-founding iconmobile, one of the first mobile-centric agencies worldwide, in 2003. He was nominated ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst&Young in 2006. In 2007, Maks was appointed Head of Innovation, Games & Mobile and a member of the MGMT board at ProSieben Sat.1 Digital. He later went on to help the SF-based video Platform kyte to establish itself in Europe and, after the sale, co-founded kreait in 2011.





Managing Partner of von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft I Former First Mayor of Hamburg I Hamburg

brain food

Decisions in politics

What influences them, how are they made?


Ole von Beust is a lawyer and partner of the von Beust & Coll. consulting firm. From 1993 to 2001 he was a member of the Hamburg city-state’s parliament and First Mayor of Hamburg from 2001 to 2010. He also sat on the CDU’s federal executive committee and continues to advise the CDU, currently in the Future Commission. Ole von Beust is also member of various supervisory boards, such as that of CH2 Contorhaus Hansestadt Hamburg AG and Box Direct. On the advisory board, he also advises Varengold Wertpapierhandelsbank AG and contributes his experience as a Member of the Sustainability Board of the ECE.



Chief Brand Officer I 25hours Hotels I Hamburg

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25hours Hotels: Success factors in the hotel industry

Can fashion lifestyle retail learn anything from it?


The first 25hours Hotel was opened in 2003 in Hamburg and, with its vibrant design appeal and dynamic, lively concept, it soon shook up a traditional industry. Bruno Marti is a member of the Strategic Board of 25hours Hotels and, together with his team, responsible for the brand image, public relations and tonality of the hotels, of which there are currently 13 in Europe. At PANORAMA Berlin, he will be examining the fashions and trends that most influence the hotel industry, the role that alcohol plays in the success of a hotel brand and which parallels there might be between the retail and hotel sectors.



Partner I Roland Berger I Berlin

 brain food

Trend and pattern recognition in the lifestyle sector based on social media evaluations

Innovative concept of an international sport label


Richard Federowski is a partner in Roland Berger’s Consumer Goods & Retail Competence Center with a focus on brands and retailers from the fields of fashion, lifestyle and luxury along the entire supply chain – from strategic reorientation to operative performance improvement, down to extensive transformation or restructuring. He has also developed expertise in brand management, customer-centric omni-channel commerce, merchandise planning/allocation, supplier management, supply chain, performance programmes/cost reduction and M&A and restructurings. Federowski not only works on the concept, but also takes on an operative role and actively supports the implementation.



Dipl.-Ing. arch. I Managing Director I Vedder Lichtmanagement I Munich

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Consistent use of the best lighting is the recipe to success for the future of offline retailing

Sustainability at zero cost included


Sustainability included – Why retail lighting will become an integral part of shopfitting.

With his lighting concepts, Reinhard Vedder provides trendsetting solutions for the retail sector. He will be showing us which criteria will become essential, sustainable components of a successful product presentation in the future.



Managing Director I ppm-GmbH I Dormagen

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Sustainable stores sell ! Let’s talk about S³


ppm call themselves the CONCEPT TINKERERS!!

They are the sustainable shopfitting specialists for retail, chain restaurants and lifestyle brands. “From the very first draft down to the very last screw” is the name of the game at ppm: they not only design and plan, but also provide solutions to all technical and craft-related challenges. In a nutshell: they can manage the entire project! Creativity, expertise and innovation are the success factors, paired with their central values of partnership, empathy and enthusiasm.



The Pitch Doctor

 brain food

Comedy pitch: The year 2020 – The best start-up year ever!


Everyone is talking about start-ups, especially in Berlin. But the bigger the start-up hype, the more humour should be involved! And that’s exactly what Christoph Sollich, the Pitch Doctor, is doing with his latest “Start-up Pitch”.

In the last seven years, Christoph has helped more than 1,800 start-ups (and an ever-growing number of corporate intrapreneurs) to pitch better in front of investors, partners, executive boards etc.


Stay tuned for more information dropping soon!