Come Together

12. Jun 2018

Community Areas

Come together, talk together, work together! Under the motto “Connecting Communities,” we are bringing the various areas of the fashion business together more closely this season. In the middle of each hall, we have again created designated visitor areas – places inviting all visitors to enjoy some casual conversation and to relax. Each community area is specifically tailored to reflect the theme of the respective segment and take visitors on a short journey. Here are three highlights:


A Japanize inspired space celebrating a slower pace and dignified serenity. Graceful surroundings full of light and lightness. A balance act of privacy and the public.

ICETEATIME. Together with our official partner KUSMI TEA, we will hold a flowery ice tea ceremony in the Community Area of Hall 1. You get to mix the following ice-cold teas: SWEET PANORAMA, FRESH PANORAMA and COOL PANORAMA. Enjoy!


The concept explores the tension between masculinity and dignity that makes out a gent. The tamed wildness. Roughness made luxurious and luminous.

PLAYTIME. In July, we are celebrating the premiere of the PANORAMA carrera track in the Community Area of ​​Hall 2 – the best drivers stand to win impressive prizes!



A happy place celebrating youth and diversity. A white floor translates into color becoming a space. The multip­le lines coming together visualize the hub.

REFRESH YOURSELF. In keeping with the fact that it’s a summer event, COSCOON – an official partner of the STYLE HUB AREA – will help you make three different DIY refresher sprays in the Community Area of ​​Hall 3. WHITE TEA ROSES, GREEN TEA BERGAMOTTE and PEPPERMINT LAVENDER provide the necessary freshness kick.