18. Apr 2019

Emotionen Begeisterung Mehrwert



Two brands who offer just that are Fynch-Hatton and Colours & Sons. Both are winners in these dynamic times and strong sources of revenue for retailers.

Their secret?

Both brands have their very own authentic story to tell and offer on-point collections that convey a laid-back lifestyle. And what man doesn’t want to identify with that?

Something else that Fynch-Hatton and Colours & Sons have in common are long-standing, fair partnerships and styles made of premium-quality and natural materials.

emotionen begeisterung mehrwert


“Beyond Africa” – when this film about the life of Karen Blixen and her lover Denys Finch Hatton hit cinema screens in 1985, the young German Roger Brandts, who was in South Africa at the time, was instantly captivated by Finch Hatton. This freedom-loving bon vivant had embarked on his first trip to Africa in 1911 and couldn’t get the continent out of his mind. In the same year, his uncle died and left him a small fortune in his will. Finch Hatton didn’t have to think twice and bought a farm in what is today Kenya – with no previous knowledge, but a real sense of adventure.

Roger Brandts was fascinated by this story and also by the African continent. So he didn’t have to look very far for inspiration when it came to establishing his menswear label in 1998, which he even named Fynch-Hatton as a homage to the intrepid adventurer. Its logo is the umbrella thorn acacia, the typical tree of the African savanna. Ever since then, the label has been synonymous with honest and laid-back fashion.

Freedom, independence, self-determination – that’s what sets Fynch-Hatton apart, even after 20 years. And this success is also being reflected in its sales: in 2018, the brand recorded double-digit growth once again.

“It was a challenging year for the entire industry last year. Once again, it is clear that product continuity, a constant focus on price/performance and a clear sales strategy lead to good results. The positive key figures of our retailers in the past autumn/winter season and at the start of the spring season also strengthened the already good cooperation. We continue to believe that the top local and regional specialist trade can generate very good sales and earnings through good umbrella brand concepts and the focus on staging its sales areas. This is where we come in and offer solutions in close partnership. I am of the opinion that the “buying” of consumer goods will largely migrate to the net. “Shopping”, the experience of beautiful shopping, will, however, take place in the retail trade in the future with strong growth. Under the project name “Africa goes Retail”, we will be presenting a concept at the fair to meet the retailers’ demand for more space.” – Roger Brandts, Managing Director of Fynch-Hatton

emotionen begeisterung mehrwert


Since it was launched in 2012, Colours & Sons has been more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. True to the motto “Discover the world and its colours with us”, the collections are wild and colourful, but always suitable for everyday wear. A symbiosis of urbanity and nature. Fashion for brave adventurers, self-confident globetrotters and sporty city boys.

Proving that there’s more to the brand than just fashion is the label’s own blog, which gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of Colours & Sons and also takes us on exciting journeys around the globe.

Working kills your surfing skills!

The upcoming summer 2020 collection will be dedicated to surfing and inspired by exciting Morocco. You can find out exactly what that looks like in July at PANORAMA Berlin. Stay tuned!

“We are seeing great developments because, in a recessive market where demand is increasingly being met online, new, exciting, dynamic brands with their own signature style are proving extremely popular. For many years, the assortments in bricks-and-mortar stores were all very similar, it was always the same, old brands with mostly boring collections. Retailers need something new that tempts consumers back into their stores. Colours & Sons is one way to make shop floors interesting again.” – Guido Schmitz, Managing Director of Colours & Sons