17. Jun 2019




Fast, faster, Haily’s & Zabaione

TAM Fashion GmbH, which stands behind the brands Haily’s/Haily’s Men and Zabaione/Z-One, was founded in 2012 with the intention of bringing trendy and affordable styles onto the shop floors of the fashion trade at a perceived speed of light thanks to a sophisticated and flexible order system. With extraordinary success: In 2018 there was a sales growth of more than 30% again.

We met with Jens Bastian, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of TAM Fashion GmbH for an interview to learn more about the company’s successful concept and its significance for the retail trade.

Jens Bastian, CSO & CMO and Alexander Rump, Managing Partner of TAM Fashion GmbH

What is your recipe for success?

That is quite simple: We bring the right product to the right place at the right time.
This is important, because we move in dynamic times in which trends come and go very quickly and the weather no longer plays along as it used to, maybe. This is exactly where we come in. TAM Fashion GmbH, which stands behind Haily’s, Haily’s Men, Zabaione and Z-One, was founded in 2012 by retailers who asked themselves the following question: What do retailers need and what would we do differently? This has resulted in our short-term delivery programme. Customers can order from us today what they need in the next three days. Completely without assortment binding and pre-order. The risk in this regard remains with us. By the way, we can serve current trends in two to three weeks and repeats in three to four weeks and are therefore among the fastest on the market. That’s why we really stepped on the gas with last year’s leopard trend.

You are extremely successful at Panorama Berlin and have enlarged your stand for the next edition. What are your plans for the enlarged area?

We have decided to enlarge the stand area in order to present ourselves even better in terms of quality and to give our customers the opportunity to view the collections at their convenience. We also need more space to accommodate all concepts. In addition, we have invested heavily in our jeans expertise and with Haily’s Jeans we are introducing a completely new concept that does not yet exist in our price range. The jeans sizes will be individually reorderable at a very good price from 19 euros (retail price).

Why is Panorama Berlin the right platform for you?

With our concept we are virtually the exotics at Panorama Berlin, as we will not be showing Spring Summer 2020 at the upcoming event but Autumn Winter 2019 and the articles that customers order on site will be delivered within a few days and weeks. Panorama Berlin is important to us because it is basically our largest showroom and one of our most important sales events. There is no other place where we show four delivery months at a time, except Panorama. In addition, this time we present the relaunch of our website, our new, clean Haily’s logo and the jeans concept I mentioned before. We are already looking forward to the many good and strategic discussions with our customers next month in Berlin!

What is the cooperation with retailers like, what advantages do you offer and where do you still see optimisation potential?

The biggest advantage we offer retailers is that they do not bear any risk. They can order today what they need in the next three days and do not have to worry about assortments. With our very good price/performance ratio, we are also absolutely competitive. In terms of cooperation, we now offer our customers different models in 37 countries with a good 4,000 POS. A very successful one is our merchandise management, which we are now managing completely independently for 1,000 customers with great success. In our B2B web shop, we also offer our customers various payment options such as Paypal, credit card payment, instant transfer or invoice. This is very well received. In addition, retailers are always welcome in our numerous showrooms. Through the future use of technologies, we want to increase the quality and efficiency of communication with our customers.