25. Apr 2019

Fashion on demand


Short-term – hardly any other word that currently dominates the fashion trade more. Unpredictable weather and trends that want to be bought as soon as they appear on Instagram. Both pose major challenges for the fashion trade.

The Solution

Brands that convince with short-term delivery programs and can close gaps on demand.

One of these brands is the German label re.draft. It was born in 2015 from the idea of reinterpreting a short-term collection with a sophisticated “urban contemporary” look in a new and fresh way. Redraft also means new design and in this sense the brand does not allow any standstill and always continues according to the spirit of the times.

We spoke with Marianne Glaser, managing director of re.draft, about the exciting concept behind re.draft and the significance of the brand for the trade. Together with Thomas and Michael Röther, she is one of the co-founders, shareholders and managing directors of the DOB Contemporary label.

fashion on demand

What is so special about your business model?

The quintessence of our business model is our extremely short and fast delivery time. If you place an order with re.draft today, you will have the goods on the shop floor within a few days and without any pre-order. In this way, we take away the risk from retailers of making early decisions and tying up capital. The collections that they order are nevertheless coherent, because our concept is short-term, but still absolutely suitable for the shop floor. We inform retailers about our new collections in a regular newsletter. They can then order directly from our B2B shop or visit us in the showroom. We also discuss with our partners the best sales model for them. These can be fixed selling spaces, shop in store concepts or merchandise management. There are almost no limits to the possibilities.

How do you differ from other brands that deliver at short notice?

In the Young Fashion sector there are actually already some suppliers with a short-term concept like ours. With re.draft, however, we are in the casual/contemporary sector and are currently still quite alone. In addition, a balanced price-performance ratio is very important to us and we attach great importance to the quality of our products. For this reason we produce mainly in Europe. This also enables us to bring even demanding styles onto the market quickly. Furthermore, we are very broadly positioned and address very different types of trade. You can find re.draft in boutiques like Weissglut Design in Munich or Mascha Clothing in Hamburg, in fashion stores like Petzhold in Münster, Hochstetter in Trier, Messerich in Bitburg or Modehaus Fischer in Taucha, but also at large chain stores like Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof. In addition, we are also available online at players such as Zalando or About You. With About You, we have also very successfully started a cooperation with Lena Gercke.

Why are you a strong partner for retail right now?

We are a strong trading partner, because we offer buyers a short term planning and thus minimize risks. Although our collections are geared to current trend themes, they are also very balanced and there are of course focal points in the product groups depending on the month. With us, customers can always plan with a complete programme that can be combined in a variety of ways. In addition, we offer our partners the advantage of purchasing in line with demand, so that they can react agilely to seasonal themes and trends. This leads in particular to a lower product pressure on the shop floor. Another important point is that we always bear the risk of early binding of goods.

How sustainable is your concept accepted by retailers?

For being a short-term supplier, we really do have a high level of constancy with regard to our customers. Many have been on board since the launch of re.draft in 2016. Of course, it is clear that there is also a certain fluctuation. Some partnerships end, new ones are added, other customers only write at the trade fair. Nevertheless, we have now grown to almost 600 POS. We maintain very personal contact with them, because if one thing is incredibly important to us, it is a fruitful partnership.