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The Digitisation of the Fashion Industry

Panorama Berlin presents Fashiontech Solutions, powered by tools

Panorama Berlin & tools

For the first time at Panorama Berlin, Fashion Tech Solutions powered by tools is focusing exclusively on industry-relevant solutions for the globalized fashion industry, providing an overview of various technologies, solutions and service providers. The event will present both established service providers and innovative young startups, providing an overview of a range of different technologies and solutions for the entire value chain.

Anna Rojahn

“During the first meeting of our focus group it became clear that we need a clearer differentiation of the term ‘Fashiontech’. Currently two entirely different types of companies are thrown together under this umbrella: on the one hand, Fashiontech is used to describe projects that integrate technology into wearable fashion; on the other hand, there is a great number of companies developing and providing services for the digitization of the fashion industry. Presenting the two categories together does not paint a clear picture – on the contrary, it leads to some confusion as to what to expect from a Fashiontech company. Especially the fast-paced, truly globalized fashion industry will benefit massively from innovative technologies and solutions that are developed specifically for improved speed and efficiency through digitization.”

Anna Rojahn | serial entrepreneur and speaker of the focus group Textiles & Fashion at Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, supported by the VDMA.

Location & Program

The exhibition – which will take place in Hall Number 10 – will be accompanied by a two-day conference programme showcasing concrete examples and success stories from the fashion industry.

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The following exhibitors are part of the show: