Hello again: Garcia

30. May 2018

We are pleased to welcome the Italian/Dutch fashion brand GARCIA back to PANORAMA Berlin from July 3-5. Here is what the label is about:

We are GARCIA, We’re a bit Italian, a bit Dutch, It’s hard to say where one ends and the other begins. What we agree on is our passion for family. Not because our founding values are born from it, It’s because we are a family business serving families. Curious to meet our family? Come and see us at PANORAMA BERLIN – NOVA, booth 9.25GARCIA

When true passion and entrepreneurship come together, it usually establishes the best conditions for a long, successful company history. As in the case of the label GARCIA, an Italian-Dutch company that can proudly look back on a 40-year history. Things weren’t always easy for the brand, which initially focused entirely on making high-quality jeans. In the late ’70s, the label is founded by two Italians, Maurizio and Isabella Garcia. In 1985, the company is on the verge of collapse but flourishes again after the founders team up with their longtime Dutch customer and friend, Martin Kouwenberg.

GARCIA´s heart still beats for denim, but offers much more to its customers. Today the label is known for its casual knit pullovers, cotton cardigans, loose sweatshirts, dresses and basics. Meet GARCIA at PANORAMA BERLIN from July 3-5 and take a closer look at the Italian brand. See you there!