Modern Menswear

Modern Menswear

News / 4. Apr 2019




The dominating streetwear and performance trend has embraced classic menswear and is adding modern, innovative tailoring to the mix.

But what does that look like?

Rather than with a tie, suits are now being worn with roll-neck sweaters, T-shirts or sneakers as well as a hint of urbanwear that is resulting in a hybrid highlight, representing a society that is influenced by its longing for freedom and individuality.

A blazer paired with a pair of smart jogging pants or chinos? No problem! Blazers are the perfect way to build a bridge between suits and sportswear.

Young male millennials in particular are huge fans of this fusion of laid-back lifestyle and formalwear, which is giving menswear a previously undreamt-of growth potential.

Allow us to proudly present two brands whose DNA is already imbued with this cool, new casualisation of formalwear:

Modern Menswear


BENVENUTO. has been synonymous with modernity, quality and premium-quality menswear since 1932. With these values in mind, for the current spring/summer 2019 collection the brand has pulled out all the stops to present the males of the species with a modern, stylish, casual and confident tailor-made suits. A new take on classic looks that incorporate the casual trend.

As well as its seasonal collections, BENVENUTO. is also known for its huge offer of mix & match suits which are offered with a NOS service. As the inventor of this system, the company is meanwhile one of the biggest and most innovative suppliers in this market.

Several years ago, BENVENUTO. landed a real coup with its ‘Sneaker Suit’. Still to this day it is an important benchmark and a symbol of the blurring of the boundaries between sports and formalwear. Under the motto #B.REAK THE RULES, well-known dance crew Tom2Rock successfully tested the Sneaker Suit’s street credibility at our event in January 2019.

Modern Menswear


Lindbergh is a legendary name that conjures up images of pure adventure. In 1927, American aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh wrote history when he set off on the first nonstop flight from New York to Paris. Following on in the same vein, Danish label Lindbergh creates clothing for men who are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving and finding something cool that fits into their lives. For men who see life as a journey and want to explore and push boundaries.

The brand is divided into three labels: The Black Label, The Blue Label and The White Label. The White Label is particularly vibrant, edgy, innovative, yet still classic. Expect styles and cuts that live and breathe the whole ‘new tailoring’ approach.