Panorama Berlin Magazine

18. Jun 2018

For the new Spring/Summer 2019 season, we have given the PANORAMA BERLIN Magazine a completely new look. Even more! For our magazine’s twelfth edition, we decided to zero in on the needs and expectations of our most important visitor group: the retailers. Inspired by our new RETAIL SOLUTIONS area in Hall 6, we focus on retail, examining the challenges it currently faces as well as the latest developments and opportunities. Market glut and especially steadily increasing e-commerce are currently the most important drivers that are compelling the classic retail concept to go through a fundamental renewal.

However, digitalization also offers a lot of great opportunities and a wide range of applications for fashion retailers. In fact, that’s exactly the point we make in our new Retail Solutions project in Hall 6. Here, various tech companies present solutions and services that promise to help fashion retailers get back on track. Jörg Wichmann, CEO of Panorama Berlin

We met with a number of experts, including Volker Katschinski, co-founder and creative director of the DAN PEARLMAN GROUP, which was founded in 1999, and discussed the future of brick-and-mortar retail with him. We interviewed Dirk Bonn, one of the most accomplished retail designers out there and asked him about what still draws customers into shops today. Our team shares its latest store tips from trips all over the world. We asked Natalie Häntze, an expert in brand communication and corporate architecture, to discuss GREAT STORE DESIGN.

Panorama Berlinmagazine (No. 12) is available at the fashion fair and online on ISSU.