PANORAMA BERLIN: new concept for shoes & accessories

With the Fall/Winter 2017/2018 season that runs from January 17– 19, 2017, Panorama Berlin will present a new concept for shoes and accessories.

Last season the segments were split into two separate areas – a dedicated accessories area and a shoe hall. This season that will no longer be the case. Instead, both product areas will be joined in Halls 5 and 6. Each of the two halls has 3,000 square meters of exhibition space and will present about 120 shoe and accessory collections, including: Bronx, Dockers, Fritzi aus Preußen, Giesswein, Gordon Bros., H.I.S. Shoes, Haflinger, L’Credi, Legend, Manas, Melvin & Hamilton, Norton, Peter Kaiser, Suri Frey, Think!, Tom Tailor Bags, Vagabond, Vanzetti, Wunschstück as well as a whole bunch of new exhibitors such as: Sixtyseven, Pavement, DKode, Mr. Boho, Royal Ego, Mundart, Emily & Noah, Waipuna, Miss Terre and many more…

“Last season, our goal was to organize Panorama Berlin’s offer and to present the individual products clearly, so buyers could orient themselves easily and enjoy a quick overview. For the coming season, we will combine shoes and accessories again, arranging them into an inspiring whole. In addition, we will break up the individual stands and create central areas, where we will present the exhibitors’ products in a retail-oriented manner.” “
Jörg Wichmann | CEO Panorama Berlin

“Our immediate reaction is that the planned change is very exciting and good!“
Peter Bangelmeier | Sales Manager of Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik GmbH

“We are fully behind the new shoe & accessories concept, welcome this positive development and look forward to the fair in January.“
Christoph Mayer | International Distribution THINK!