This is the motto for the upcoming Panorama Berlin, which will take you on a journey of discovery from January 15–17, 2019. The expedition begins in front of the venue in a bubble tent, the event’s new check-in area. This welcome area is where you check in with your e-ticket and get all the information you need for a great journey. Meet up with your colleagues in our lounge that also has a cafe and start the day with a pleasant breakfast. A fabulous live music program contributes to the ambience, rounding off the space. Or visit the Panorama Store and get inspired by the outstanding selection of curated items awaiting you. The select lifestyle brands, gadgets and books are available for purchase.

Next, it’s time to make a decision: When you head to our counter, grab your passport and choose which tunnel will take you through at the trade fair’s southern entrance. We’ll give this much away: You´ll keep your passport with you the whole time as you explore the various halls. The focus is always on the unique community areas and cool activities you can participate in. But don’t forget to get your passport stamped. Once you have four stamps, you can enter a raffle and win all sorts of great prizes.

The event is structured around a completely revised concept. It starts at the trade fair’s southern entrance, which Selvege Run & Zeitgeist have transformed into a window that showcases the latest trends at Panorama Berlin. Under the motto #REACHNEXTLEVEL, we are pleased to present an exciting international & contemporary mix of iconic and heritage brands alongside the latest nature, active and sports brands. Hang out in the cafe – or enjoy the marketplace where you can order or buy cool gadgets.

In HALLS ONE to FOUR, you’ll find the following fashion areas: Modern Woman,Modern Man,Young Woman,and Casual Lifestyle. Discover hip fashion trends and meet the industry’s shooting stars and players. This is also where our community areas are located; they are filled with cool activities you can participate in to collect stamps for your passport.

HALL FIVE – RETAIL SOLUTIONS offers some real added value with high-caliber lectures on all three days that give you competitive advantages. Innovative exhibitors have made tools which you can use to transform your point of sale into a destination. Very inspiring practical, realistic ideas set the tone here.

MAKE SOME NOISE for the iconic Berlin street style scene. In HALL SIX, inspiring ideas meet digital presentations and interactive activities. Fashion is put in a context with culture, music, art and sports. There is a lot to look forward to: cool live actions in street art, fingerboarding, and video games as well as some hip DJ beats.

XOOM: sustainable fashion powered by Innatex. Dive into HALLS SEVEN A & B and experience the latest trends by green fashion makers. Berlin turns green!

If you’re looking for a snack or real meal, just head to our food area, the “EATERY” in HALL SEVEN C, or to one of the snack bars in the various community areas.

Last but not least, your journey ends where it started: back at the bubble tent where it’s time to return your passport. Besides the raffle, a limited number of great goodie bags await you. But that’s not all. The lounge turns into a bar at the end. Enjoy refreshing drinks, great music, and bring the day to a close in a cozy atmosphere.