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Contact Person

For individual press enquiries and media collaborations please contact:

+49 2154 4939-0

Petra Kraft
Public Images GmbH


Who is eligible to accredit for press & media tickets?

PANORAMA Berlin is a b2b platform. Next to fashion professionals, only press & media professionals are allowed to visit the fashion trade show. Among those are Journalists, Editors, Reporters, Photographers, Cameramen, Bloggers, Artists, Influencer, Stylists, Senior Level professionals of Creative- & PR-agencies, Senior Level professionals of publication houses, Senior Level professionals of media agencies, Senior Level professionals of production studios. Please note: regular trade show tickets for professional visitors can be ordered through our online registration.

When does the accreditation start for press and media tickets?

The registration starts approx. 6-8 weeks prior to the trade show.

How will i receive tickets for press and media?

The registration starts approx. 6-8 weeks prior to the trade show. In order to receive the tickets after registration, you will need to sign up with your individual e-mail address. If you register later, tickets can be picked up at the registration counters at the trade show entrances.

Is there a public audience day or can I purchase a public ticket?

The platform PANORAMA Berlin is a b2b fashion trade show. Entrance is only permitted to fashion and lifestyle professionals, as well as artists, stylists, press and media. A general public audience day will not take place.

How much are tickets for the PANORAMA BERLIN?

Registered and validated professionals, as well as press & media will receive free access to all trade shows of PANORAMA Fashion Fair Berlin GmbH.