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Contact Person

For individual press enquiries and media collaborations please contact:

Petra Kraft
Public Images GMBH

+49 2154 4939-0


Who is eligible to accredit for press & media tickets?

PANORAMA BERLIN is a b2b platform. Next to fashion professionals, only press & media professionals are allowed to visit the fashion trade show. Among those are Journalists, Editors, Reporters, Photographers, Cameramen, Bloggers, Artists, Influencer, Stylists, Senior Level professionals of Creative- & PR-agencies, Senior Level professionals of publication houses, Senior Level professionals of media agencies, Senior Level professionals of production studios. Please note: regular trade show tickets for professional visitors can be ordered through our online registration.

When does the accreditation start for press and media tickets?

The registration starts approx. 6-8 weeks prior to the trade show.

How will i receive tickets for press and media?

The registration starts approx. 6-8 weeks prior to the trade show. In order to receive the tickets after registration, you will need to sign up with your individual e-mail address. The tickets will be sent until 10th December 2017 to your postal address you have entered in the registration form. If you register later, tickets can be picked up at the registration counters at the trade show entrances.

Is there a public audience day or can I purchase a public ticket?

The platform PANORAMA BERLIN is a b2b fashion trade show. Entrance is only permitted to fashion and lifestyle professionals, as well as artists, stylists, press and media. A general public audience day will not take place.

How much are tickets for the PANORAMA BERLIN?

Registered and validated professionals, as well as press & media will receive free access to all trade shows of PANORAMA Fashion Fair Berlin GmbH.