Ramelow x Beekeeper

News / 7. Mar 2019



It was under this title that Clara Becker, Head of Marketing & Digital Operations at Gustav Ramelow KG, gave a fascinating talk at our Retail Solutions Lab in January 2019.

The central question was: How can a bricks-and-mortar department store embrace digital change and what opportunities can result from it?

The fashion company’s most successful digital solution so far is the employee app PIA (short for Persönlicher Informationsaustausch, the German for “personal information exchange”), which was launched in cooperation with multi-award-winning communication platform Beekeeper. In May 2018, the two companies received the Inkometa Award for internal communication for PIA, as well as a shortlist nomination in the “Digital Workplace” category.

Marc Ramelow, CEO of the fashion store, is regarded as a digital pioneer of the fashion sector and was recently selected by TextilWirtschaft as one of the industry’s 100 digital visionaries. 


Why do you use an app for internal communication?

We wanted to communicate better, faster and more efficiently with one another. Mainly because our decentralised store structure at seven locations, which meant we were faced with the major problem that important information wasn’t reaching the right people quickly enough. There were a lot of private WhatsApp groups within the company and the wish to keep the professional level separate from the personal increased. With the app solution we have found a business channel that suits us perfectly.

What made you choose Beekeeper?

When choosing the solution, it was crucial that the app was not only smartphone, but also desktop and tablet-enabled. 90% of our employees are non-desk workers and don’t have their own e-mail address, but we wanted to reach them quickly on their private smartphones. And we also wanted the solution to be easy to use. With Beekeeper we have a fantastic partner by our side, who is also providing us with great support on a daily basis and also in the further development of the platform.

Could you imagine doing your jobs without PIA now?

No, we definitely couldn’t. Up to 70% of our employees are communicating on the platform every day. 90% of Ramelow employees are registered on it and we were able to transfer the entire communication from the internal WhatsApp groups. We are also achieving a high level of employee engagement and flatter hierarchies thanks to the open comments function. We see a lot of potential for the future and have just opened the first “Online Learning Channel” in PIA.


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