18. Oct 2018

The Panorama Berlin trade fair and the retail sector in general have entered a new era that boils down to the following: emotions – excitement – added value. Call it a revolution, if you wish. Old, outdated structures have been abandoned in favor of digitization and consumers who are always switched on, who are only seconds away from the nearest touch point.

This is, however, exactly where the opportunities lie for brick-and-mortar retailers, because stores have a trump card up their sleeve that e-commerce can’t offer: holistic shopping experiences. If your goal is to create an oasis, you need a store – it’s about going from point of sale to point of experience. Many consumers are driven by the longing to experience an island they can identify with – in everyday life and in products. How do I use the little time I have wisely and how do I best invest my money? Escapism is the buzzword on everyone’s lips at the moment.




— A few words from Jörg Wichmann—

If your B2B marketing doesn’t trigger any emotions and offer added value, you’re going to have a hard time positioning yourself and ultimately won’t score C2C. That’s why we are working so hard to develop our event. You have something to look forward to, which we’ll present starting in January 2019: a 365-day multi-channel platform that culminates twice a year in our live events. With an emphasis on creativity, focus and inspiration, we decided to keep the hall number at seven. These halls will feature well defined fashion presentations, new labels, established brands, collaborations, lectures, and much more.Jörg Wichmann, CEO Panorama Berlin


 In these dynamic times, we strive to obtain first-hand information about where the industry and trade stand today, which means we are deeply involved in discussions with the industry. 

On trade fair dates, buyers work through existing brands, discover this or that newcomer and find something very inspiring on the sidelines. However, this systematic approach doesn’t lead to the following and hasn’t for many seasons: the creation of fresh, new imagery in the trade show space, offering consumers unique worlds that trigger emotions.Jörg Wichmann, CEO Panorama Berlin

Our goal is to offer an inspiring platform that creates incentives; that gives retailers practical tools they can use right away to implement new concepts in stores – concepts that combine the best of analog and digital worlds. We call it matchmaking!


These tools range from content and tech solutions, such as owned media, to innovative store designs and food concepts. You will find these tools in Hall FIVE that is entirely dedicated to “retail solutions.” What is more, this hall also offers exciting lectures, panels, top speakers, and an expanded business lounge.

Top speakers offer ‘knowledge to go,’ content that you’ll only find bundled to this degree on our platform.Jörg Wichmann, CEO Panorama Berlin

Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter series. We will introduce all the innovations that are coming in detail.

I look forward to seeing you in January 2019!