News / 14. Mar 2019

Boosting visibility with high engagement

Their follower numbers are comparably low, but what they do have is an ace up their sleeves that’s enough to make their superstar colleagues green with envy. Yes, we’re talking about micro-influencers with engagement rates of way more than 5% per post. For companies, that makes them both interesting and valuable.

But what does that even mean?

Per definition, micro-influencers have a reach of up to 100,000 followers, with whom they have a close connection and are in constant communication. Their passion for a certain subject is what drives them. That is particularly exciting for companies because of the relevant, regional target group and the influencer’s high level of authenticity. And it means their targeted product placement will be met with genuine interest. This high engagement also leads to greater visibility on the social networks.

German magazine TextilWirtschaft recently wrote that good content, the suitable target group and a high engagement rate were the most important criteria in influencer marketing last year: “Authenticity trumps reach”.

We asked two experts about the current relevance of micro influencers.


The engagement rate is an indicator that is calculated by the ratio of comments and likes to the number of fans. It denotes the reaction of the followers or fans to a post.


“What makes working with micro-influencers so attractive for brands? I see the following points in particular as success factors: Smaller accounts are less promotional, so they appear more credible. In addition, the micro-influencer often has a sharp thematic focus, so that you can position yourself as a brand without major wastage. Moreover, the accounts have a high interaction rate, as they usually haven’t existed that long, which means less inactive followers. Many followers are also friends and acquaintances of the influencer.” – Laura Pier, Managing Director


“We have been working with influencers since 2007 and have known a lot of the meanwhile important, bigger names since the start. For the 13th edition of Panorama Berlin, PANORAMA EXPEDITION, we focused our attention on micro-influencers and came up with a campaign whose success by far exceeded the investment. Micro-influencers stand out with their local relevance. Another thing that sets them apart is their very high engagement and interaction rate, which makes them incredibly authentic. Thanks to these aspects, they can be deployed very profitably by companies.”