13. Nov 2018


On our LECTURE STAGE in HALL FIVE, you can look forward to seeing high-profile speakers and plenty of inspiration and information. In exciting presentations, we will provide you with the right answers to the relevant questions concerning the digitalisation, content marketing and emotionalisation of the POS.

A series of lectures by first-class speakers will provide you with significant information on all aspects of sustainable retail throughout the entire event. 15 renowned experts will be on hand to share their insider knowledge. And we are presenting you with the first five here today:

01 —
Nicole Srock.Stanley
CEO dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH

Nicole Srock.Stanley is the co-founder of the dan pearlman Group, which was established in 1999. Her expertise in the retail sector, the leisure industry and destination development make her a sought-after consultant for retail brands and shopping mall owners, start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations. As a speaker, she takes to the stage at conferences to talk about the “retail of the future” and provide answers to the question of how bricks-and-mortar retail can be revolutionised with the mechanisms of the modern leisure industry.

02 —
Dr. Andreas Brill
Founder and co-owner of business4brands b4b GmbH

Since the mid-90s, Dr Andreas Brill has been developing concepts for the digital era. From 2000 to 2008, Brill worked as a manager at retail and fashion companies, including as a director for the KarstadtQuelle group, managing director at WOM and also at s.Oliver. In 2006 he established business4brands and, as a forward thinker, consultant and service provider, he has been supporting companies and brands on their digital transformation journey ever since – together with his team of currently 20 specialists. Integral parts of Brill’s work are research and presentations on the logics, dynamics and implications of digitalisation.

03 —
Niklas Heinen

Niklas Heinen, 28 years old, is an e-commerce entrepreneur, influencer and speaker. Together with his wife Joana, over the last four years he has grown the blog Odernichtoderdoch, which started out as an online diary, into a social e-commerce brand that is well-known throughout Germany. Today the pair run the brands Odernichtoderdoch and Jo & Judy with a portfolio of over 250 self-designed products and their own logistics company in Münster. Niklas and Joana work without investors as a “first-generation family company”. Together with their team of over 50 employees, they are passionate about bringing unique products designed with love onto the market.

04 —
Dr. Peter Lensker
Managing owner of LeadersEye® and an expert in market-oriented company management

Dr Peter Lensker is an expert in the field of market-oriented company management. His professional career has taken him from the METRO Group to GALERIA Kaufhof and OBI to KEYLENS Management Consultants. From 2004 to 2008, he was also a lecturer of company management at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and at the European University of Applied Sciences. Since 2008 he has been the managing owner of LeadersEye®, an independent top management consultancy that is synonymous with emotional value management.

05 —
Andreas Knürr
CEO and Co-Founder TIMIFY

Andreas Knürr is the CEO and co-founder of TIMIFY, an online appointment booking software for service providers and their customers that enables the quick and easy arrangement of appointments.
For 15 years now, he has worked as a successful entrepreneur and strategy expert and has founded and managed five companies to date. Before starting at TIMIFY, Andreas Knürr was the CEO of WebMedia7, a digital agency specialised in web, mobile app, development and online marketing in Europe.

With a focus on infotainment, HALL FIVE will show you how to turn the POS into the POX (point of experience). Here you will find digital solutions that are tailored perfectly to the industry, as well as tech start-ups, retail design agencies and food concept providers that can be easily integrated into a retail environment.