9. Jun 2018

The Zeitgeist Community

We have a strong partner for sustainable and green fashion: XOOM is joining us again this season. After a successful premiere in January, the area for ​​sustainable fashion will expand and be presented in two halls (7B and 7C) that offer more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition space. We would like to introduce you to a selection of brands that understand sustainability and green fashion as a component of the modern zeitgeist and present themselves as modern urban lifestyle brands – a must-see for every modern retailer.



Streetwear has been the brand’s passion for over 8 years and sustainable fashion its mission: RECOLUTION makes urban clothing with a clear conscience. Fair, organic and vegan. To make gray cities a bit greener, the label and its customers have already planted over 1 million sunflowers: Every recolution product comes with a bag of sunflower seeds! #greenyourcity



LOVJOI is a young, authentic fashion label that fuses pure design with sustainable fabrics in two women’s collections per year. The focus is on social responsibility and transparency from the design until the garment reaches your closet. LOVJOI Organic Clothing is a way of life. It embodies a fair approach to fashion. Refugees help make the garments in the brand’s own production facilities in southern Germany. Clothing with high wearing comfort and longevity!



For Summer 2019 the focus is on everyday urban fashion. Inspired by the erratic, sometimes random digital consumption of digital na(t)ives, the unique collection is made to measure for the year 2019! As the world’s first fair and sustainable outlet, “Suslet – cheap’n good” is breaking new ground in the sustainable sector! DEGREE CLOTHING


ETHLETIC sneakers don’t just feel good – they make others feel good. The people wearing them. And the people making them. ETHLETIC sees to this with fair pay, good working conditions, and donations to social projects. Trade, as the brand understands it, is based on trust and appreciation. The brand’s employees in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Germany share a common goal: to make shoes that are bought because they are attractive, hip, modern and comfortable – and because they were produced under humane conditions. Ethletic isn’t a compromise. It’s a real alternative.



We at GreenBomb want to stand for something positive in this world. We want to give back to the Earth as much as possible. For this reason, we combine fashion with sustainability, quality and fairness. We see fair wages and working conditions, as well as the environmentally friendly production of our collections, as a matter of course. GREENBOMB


KNOWLEDGECOTTON APPAREL is not just about looking good. It’s also about doing good, doing what is right and feeling good about it – with respect for people and the environment. The brand produces timeless, sustainable fashion and its mission is to wow fashion-conscious men with fair, sustainably made fashion that stands for quality, comfort and style.